H. R. WAGNER, M. D., F.A.C.S.
WEBSTER, TEXAS 77598-4217
OFFICE  281-332-9502
FAX  281-332-6123


  • National Board of Medical Examiners 
  • American Board of Urology 
  • American College of Surgeons 
  • American Association of Clinical Urologist 
  • Clinical Associate, Urology, University of Texas at Houston, Texas
  • Harris County Medical Society
  • Houston Urological Society
  • National Kidney Foundation
  • Texas State Medical Society
  • American Urological Association – South Central Section
  • Texas Urological Association
  • Southern Medical Association

Hospital Affiliations

  • Clear Lake Regional Medical Center, Webster, Texas 77598
  • Houston Physicians Hospital, Webster, Texas 77598


Bay Area Urology office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday, and we see patients by appointment only.  For medical emergencies which occur after hours, we have a full time answering service on duty during the time the office is closed.  We request that all non-emergency calls to the office, such as requests for prescription refills, lab reports and information regarding scheduling and account information be made during office hours.

Because we do not want to keep office patients waiting while we make phone calls, the Doctor or Nurse will usually make return phone calls at the completion of the office patient schedule in the morning and afternoon.  This could be as late as 8:30 p.m., so we ask that you provide your daytime, cell and evening telephone numbers, and request your patience in waiting for this time for a return call.


This office is equipped with an automated telephone system, (i.e. Voicemail) to assist you in your call, please follow the prompts and it will expedite your call to whom you may need to speak to. All employees make every effort  to manually handle the phones, but if your call is not answered in a prompt manner, we are assisting other patients and will return your call as soon as possible. Please note:  If you have “caller ID” or “call blocking” on your phone, this office may have a difficult time returning your call after hours from a private line.


Because this is a surgical practice, our schedule may vary from other medical offices.  Morning and afternoon appointments are available depending on our ever changing surgical schedule.  We will try to honor your appointment time as closely as possible.  We do recognize the value of your time, however, please try and understand that emergencies may cause unforeseen delays.

Dr. Wagner is a Surgeon, changes or emergencies in the surgery schedule at the hospital may necessitate changes in our office schedule.

Again, we stress the need for correct telephone numbers where you can be reached during the day in the event we may have to delay or change your appointment.  Please advise the office the best way to reach you.  We will be happy to page you if this is easier.  If you cannot be reached by phone, it would be recommended to contact the office prior to your appointment time.  If you require taking the day off work for your appointment, please contact the office the day before.  We have no advance notice of emergencies, and do try to reach all appointments when changes are necessary.  We appreciate your understanding if changes in your appointment should be required.

If you have been referred for an elevated PSA, please bring your PSA test results with you for your appointment.  This information is critical to your care. 

Please bring current x-rays films and any reports about recent radiology testing you have had.   We do not want to duplicate testing or delay your care while we attempt to obtain your records.

Our office specializes in Urology.  The first step in detection of a urinary issue is testing of a urine specimen.  Please be prepared to leave a specimen at each appointment. 

We thank you for your cooperation and look forwarding to meeting you.


If you are needing a refill on a medication, please have your pharmacy fax a request to this office  at (281) 332-6123.  This is the most efficient way to refill a prescription.  This procedure reduces the errors in refill information, and saves time for you, our staff and the Pharmacy.  Please allow 48 hours for any refill. The refill request will be reviewed by the doctor and an appointment may be required prior to additional refills.   Narcotics are never refilled after office hours.  If you need to speak to the Nurse regarding a refill, you will be requested to leave a message and she will call you back at her earliest convenience.